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Welcome to victoriangoths - LJ's spiritual home for spooky souls with a penchant for lace, cameos, 19th Century garb and generally looking as though they have taken a trip back in time and been recently bereaved.

The Rules:
♠ RESPECT. Remember your manners, for heaven's sake! No fighting, flaming or otherwise attacking people, please.
♠ OK, technically the term 'Victorian' applies only to Britain, but for the sake of an easy life we'll include other classical 19th Century style, too. the_mollisher's inner pedant won't let her get away with not pointing that out.
♠ For the sake of members' friends pages, please place any lengthy texts or large pictures behind a cut. Same goes for any images with nudity, to protect those surfing at work from awkward conversations.
♠ Selling your wares is certainly permitted, providing that they are relevant (cyber catsuits and the like do not fall into this category), and that you don't post huge images without a cut.
♠ Community promos are fine if they're on-topic, but please no ratings communities, fanfiction or roleplaying games. Don't join just to promote your community, either.

If you've just joined and would like to introduce yourself, feel free to fill out this questionnaire. Photos of your own Victorian Goth garb and gear are optional.
A little about you:
Victorian Goth passions of choice:
Any recommendations for other members (shops, sites, communities, clothing labels, books, films, music...you get the idea):

Got a suitably Victorian Gothic site to recommend for our Victorian/19th Century directory? Leave a comment here.

Mods: the_mollisher (the disreputable lady novelist) and p_gotherina (the governess).